April Snapshot: How much did it cost?

Hello friends!

Building relationships with local farmers has been a huge blessing of going Unchained. We are beginning to know their stories and learn of their triumphs and challenges by investing in a small piece of their lives….the struggle of unsuspecting temperatures with little rain, the perfect time to harvest bee pollen, or even walking through how to send a photo message on a new phone. I didn’t have those experiences in the Publix check-out lane. 😉  Investing into our local community has truly been a learning experience that we have treasured….a glimpse into a slower way of life that has been long forgotten in our fast-paced culture.

Mr. Don Walker ~ Bard-Roc Farm

Mr. Don Walker ~ Bard-Roc Farm

The Clarksville Downtown Market is kicking off this Saturday. I encourage you to visit your local farmers this weekend. Ask about their growing practices and their favorite way to cook the produce they offer. Pick up some bright asparagus, crisp greens and sweet strawberries while they are abundant!

Here is our April breakdown:

Nature’s Promise Farm = $28.00 (Asparagus, Mushrooms, Eggs)
Bard-Roc Farm = $48.00 (Honey, Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots)
Country Pantry = $34.73 (Wheat Berries)
Trading Post = $109.00 (Local Honey, Homemade jam, Oats, Bulk Spices, Asparagus, Gouda Cheese, Coconut Oil)
Lasaters = $28.31 (Coffee)
Tennessee Grass-Fed = $265.00 (1/4 cow divided by 3 months)
Giving Thanks Farm = $173.90 (Chicken, Pork, Eggs)
My Neighbor = $18.00 (Eggs)
Milk Share = $42.00 (13 gallons)
Grand Total for April = $746.94

You can find the information for each one of these sources under the Community Resource Guide.

Have a great week!