About Our Family

Our family works together to build our life dedicated to loving God and loving others. We teach discipline and self-reliance through stewardship of the land.

Lisa is a homeschooling mom who has a passion for the earth and loves the smell of tomato seedlings on her hands.

Our oldest son, Cliff the 4th, has a small rabbitry raising critically endangered American Chinchilla rabbits.

Our middle son, Christian, wants to be a blacksmith when he grows up and loves building bonfires. Together the boys help to take care of the daily feeding and watering responsibilities of the animals.

Caelynn loves getting her fingers in the dirt with mommy with regular breaks to practice her arabesques.

After years spent at war as an Army PA and treating chronic disease, I’ve found my calling helping to educate others on wellness and peace by caring for the earth around us and sharing its bounty. I am blessed to serve our local community as a Physician Assistant at Elite Primary Care.


Our family is deeply rooted in the love of Christ and long to share the glory of His creation with our community.

We believe that the world is much more than a blank slate to be used, carved and crushed. Rather, it is the earth from which our very hearts were shaped, and God has given us the responsibility to see it flourish. By immersing our family in the slow food movement and using the principles of creation as our guide, we hope to build an educational farm that seeks to be a reflection of the Light of Life. We welcome all those who are curious and excited to learn more about sustainability and self-sufficiency.

We have chosen animals that thrive in our hot and humid summers and cool wet winters. These are rugged animals that have adapted to their surroundings over generations of sustainable agriculture. Our vegetables and fruit are chosen with the same natural resistance to pests and disease. This resilance in agriculture is an example of the tenacity we need to cultivate and protect within our society.

What is the Liberty Star?

The liberty star represents the star in the east, the beacon of hope for all those who seek greater knowledge. Our faith is in Christ, and we believe that His love provides the grace that sets all men free. We have been given the resources through creation to free us from oppression and chronic disease. Our desire is to freely share this knowledge with all those who seek it.