A Year Unchained


  • For one year grow, hunt, forage, or purchase from local farmers or artisans…ALL FOOD.
  • Share in a meal at a restaurant, as a break at the end of each month.


“Our Year Without Groceries” by Clare Adams inspired this journey. Our commitment to agriculture was challenged and reinvigorated by this family’s story:


Starting Line:

Sure, we already grow and preserve a large variety of vegetables and have been blessed with plentiful harvests in years past. However, the supermarket is still a weekly trip….okay, twice a week. We value what it means to support local farmers, but we were never ALL in.

Summer 2014

This year will undoubtedly change how we view food and its value. We want to instill in our children the joy of tasting the first sweet strawberry of the season and savor it, knowing its fleeting nature. We also hope to build lasting relationships with other local farmers who will provide the means for local sustainability and share those sources with our community.

There is an excitement, an adventurous spirit, in the air at our home leading up to this journey.

December Pasture

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