February Snapshot: How much did it cost?

Native Americans have long deemed February’s full moon as the “Hunger Moon.” We’ll refer to this month as the “Hungry Month.”

We are not starving….but the variety is minimal. The robust inspiration and colorful pictures of a bountiful garden harvest is not the reality of local and seasonal eating in winter, especially not this winter.

We’ve considered moving. Talked about the weather in Alabama or Hawaii….or even farther, Italy, just for the cheese and olives. This is the lack of bananas talking.

We press on. Get more creative with meal planning. Look forward to rising soil temperatures and longer days.


We’re hopeful. Anticipating the changing season like never before….

I’ve talked to farmers all over Middle Tennessee this month inquiring about current offerings with the standard answer: “We’re growing icicles.” “We’re frozen but hope to get something harvested in the next month.”

We have met a few true farmer gems.

Nature’s Promise Farm is about 10 miles from our home. We pulled into Farmer Steve’s driveway with a mission in early February….He had baby kale and mushrooms. It was perfect timing, we’d get snow in the following weeks, which would eliminate any potential harvest. We bought 5 pounds of baby kale. (I blanched and froze the kale into meal-sized portions.) The shitake mushrooms deserve accolades….the best we’ve ever had!

Here is our February breakdown:

Nature’s Promise Farm = $50.00 (Baby Kale *5 pounds, Mushrooms, Eggs)
Country Pantry = $49.57 (Wheat Berries, JDs yogurt, Spices)
Country View Mennonite Market = $29.00 (Honey, Freshly-Ground Peanut Butter, Homemade Bread)
Lasaters = $24.03 (Coffee)
Bloomy Rind = $43.49 (Cheese, Nashville Jam, Local Ketchup)
Tennessee Grass-Fed = $265.00 (1/4 cow divided by 3 months)
Giving Thanks Farm = $194.00 (Chicken, Pork, Eggs)
Crossed Hearts Homestead = $11.25 (Eggs)
The Turnip Truck = $77.51 (Olive Oil, Locally-Roasted Coffee, KY Maple Syrup, Sweetwater Valley Farm Cheese, Nashville Jam)
Milk Share = $45.50 (13 gallons)
Grand Total for January = $789.35

You can find the information for each one of these sources under the Community Resource Guide.

Have a great week!




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