July Snapshot: How much did it cost?

CRAZY. That pretty much sums up our summer break.

A massive kitchen painting project and a monster load of food to tend to and preserve….I haven’t sat down much. 😉

What makes it worth it?

As I plopped the 100th quart of diced tomatoes into a boiling water bath yesterday….I know that I have enough put up to last us until tomato season NEXT summer. Having started this challenge in January knowing we didn’t have enough to last us until harvest…this is HUGE. A handful of seeds have grown into an immense amount of nutrition for our family.

This is why I garden.





Here is our July breakdown:

Farmer’s Market = $12.00 (Garlic & Onions)
Tennessee GrassFed & Jolly Barnyard = $215.00 (Beef)
Trading Post = $212.23 (Onions, Eggs, Bulk Spices, Potatoes, Gouda Cheese, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Nude Dough Bread, Schlabach’s granola)
Lasaters = $28.31 (Coffee)
Country Pantry = 85.59 (Wheat Berries, Bulk Spices, Maple Syrup)
Giving Thanks Farm = $180.75 (Chicken, Pork, Eggs)
Milk Share = $41.00 (10 gallons, yogurt)
Crossed Hearts Homestead = $15.00 (Eggs)
Grand Total for July = $789.88

You can find the information for each one of these sources under the Community Resource Guide.


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