June Snapshot: How much did it cost?

We’re halfway through the Unchained Challenge!

I’ve waited all year for the ease of summer eating. We’re in the sweet spot of summer. We can consume what we pick each day….A basket of beans and cucumbers, a handful of tomatoes, an armload of kale.


I bring in two baskets of vegetables each morning. In a month….I’ll measure that in buckets per day. Nothing could have prepared me more for summer canning than a winter without a grocery store. I understand the value in putting aside the time to preserve.

FullSizeRender-19I love this Pickled Beet recipe from the Prairie Homestead.

Here is our June breakdown:

Farmer’s Market = $10.00 (Blueberries)
Bard-Roc Farm = $8.75 (Sweet Potatoes)
Tennessee GrassFed & Jolly Barnyard =  $215.00 (Beef) *      
Trading Post = $177.93 (Local Honey, Homemade jam, Oats, Bulk Spices, Potatoes, Gouda Cheese, Coconut & Olive Oil, Vinegar, Nude Dough Bread, Schlabach’s granola/cookies)
Lasaters = $28.31 (Coffee)
Giving Thanks Farm = $180.75 (Chicken, Pork, Eggs)
Dotson’s Produce (Cliff’s drill weekend in Tullahoma) = $100.96 (10 quarts of honey)
Country View Market = 49.02 (Wheat Berries)
Milk Share = $42.00 (12 gallons)
Grand Total for June = $812.72

*We ran out of beef as soon as June began waiting for our half beef share to be processed through Jolly Barnyard. So, we ordered a quarter beef share ($399) through Tennessee Grassfed to hold us until processing could happen. Cliff picked up our Jolly Barnyard share last night, which totaled $1534.00. Together, (1933.00) they should last our family about 9 months which breaks down to $215.00 per month for grass-fed beef.

You can find the information for each one of these sources under the Community Resource Guide.

Have a great week!



  1. Jessie says

    Love following you guys!!! Such an inspiration:-) Thanks for listing all your sources – when we do this (on a much smaller scale), these posts are going to prevent me calling you a lot lol!

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